Thursday, 2 June 2011

DIY Guide to Making the Ltd Edition Eps

At the request of a few befuddled owners of the first EP, I've compiled a DIY guide to how the structure of the package was put together. 

Originally made as series of 1000 ribbon-wrapped and hand-stamped flower paper CDs, the demo songs featured on the Long Day EP were issued as part of a (now sold-out) limited edition EP, available through Rough Trade and I ended up giving myself RSI making them all!

The EP is now available as a digital download from Bandcamp.

The main ingredients: Hand pressed flower paper, pencil, ruler, scissors.

 Trace the outline of the CD case and score the folds
Punch the holes for the ribbons
Thread the ribbon starting at the bottom left hand corner and continue in a clockwise direction.

 Tighten the ribbon across the cd holder and pull the two ends evenly through the bottom two holes.

Tie in a ribbon at the back.
And hand-stamp to finish... (part two coming soon)

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