Sunday, 11 April 2010



 1. Missiveh
2. Over and Over
3. Populah-la
4. Carry Your Heart (organ version)
5. The Heart Wants To Be A Hammer

After a month of patient neighbours, turning my tights & a coat hanger into a makeshift pop-shield, and a little bit of pleading with my MacBook not to die just yet... you can now pre-order your copy of my next release, Skeleton Songs, exclusively from my Bandcamp store; a great new initiative that means the artist sees every penny - bar paypal fees - from the music that they sell: 

The  limited edition 5-track CD will arrive on your doorstep clad in a ribbon-wrapped limited edition package with original artwork by Corinne Noble. The first fifty orders will also include a limited skeleton-key keepsake for those quick off the mark...  

The limited CD costs a minimum donation of £6 and we ship worldwide. 

For those not of the physical world, there will also be a full digital release via my own OUTSIDERHOOD label on 7th June 2010 (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic etc.) All you lovely people on the mailing list will also be offered access to buy the digital download a week before its official release as a little thank this space! 

Catherine xox
"Shorn of hair, skin, muscles and internal organs, Skeletons Songs is a collection of musical sketches from Catherine AD. These recordings creep not from a plush studio via a boardroom but crawl into your ears from a bedroom with creaky floorboards and the gentle lull of passing traffic.

The idea was simple: go back to the source. Using the bare bones of the original demo recording of each song, nothing was re-recorded and every mistake, hesitation and human error was preserved. Some songs were layered up with virtual one-man-band choirs, while others remain in their raw form, sung quietly into corners so as not to wake up the neighbours..."