Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's Massacre

Thank you to everyone who made it down to the EP launch.

Sorry if you got turned away at the door - we didn't expect it to be so full!

If you didn't manage to make it down, you missed:

* Frederick Blood-Royale's tribute to Lady Di.. via Elton John... genius.
* Jeremy Warmsley forgetting the words to 'Time After Time' and being helped out by some very kind members of the audience
*The theme to The Never Ending Story. No song better.
*My mic cutting out for the last two lines of mine and Jeremy's duet of 'Yeah Oh Yeah' so the wife didn't actually get stabbed in the end..
*People stealing the paper hearts and balloons from the walls as they left...

Thank you all for singing loud and proud to 'Turn Back Time', 'China In Your Hand' and  'Since You've Been Gone'.


My Valentine's Mixtape

Jeremy and I pretending to murder each other Magnetic Fields style...

Fred showing Lady Di & Elton some love...

Thank you to everyone who came to play and DJ
much Valentine's love x

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