Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Meet me halfway... The year so far....

(I heart lists...)

- I have hurled myself into a metal tube flying bird twice too many times. Messed up my back really badly on a long-haul back from LA-LA-land. Still Iceland beckons next week. ho hum.
- saw the new year in by changing my outfit no less than 8 times and consuming way too much rum and ginger beer and then watching quantum leap with a hangover.
- met my lovely manager Keith who tells me lots of funny stories about John Lydon (who he managed) which I hope are very true.
- rediscovered stir-fries which enable me to pretend i can cook
- managed to not even get a sun-tan the whole time i was in California by wearing ridiculous SPF40 and a huge Katherine Hepburn movie-star hat.
- watched The National in Coachella desert as the sun was setting
- possibly tested the patience of the very serene Jon Kelly by repeatedly asking him questions about what it was like to work with Kate Bush. Tried not to be scared by the fact that the very first thing you see in the studio is a gold disc of "Babooshka"... ( I have been recording some songs for the album)
- rediscovered that i could play live in heels. Scuffed my favourite red patent Dorothy shoes in the process
- played live on Radio 1 at the huge Maida Vale studios and didn't mess up once even though my hands were shaking. Just a little bit...
- took the sleeper train there and back to Edinburgh to see Morrissey play. But didn't get much sleep. I get excited by the sight of bunk beds.
- went to a birthday party in full funeral attire.
- gave myself a horrible kidney infection by standing in nowt but a thin dress for a three hour photo shoot at Dennis Severs house. Great photos, but horrible hospital visit.
- almost succumbed to committing GBH towards a certain "soundman" at a certain venue during a certain gig in central London. Many expletives were seen...
- saw Martha Wainwright play at the tiny Pigalle club to about 50 people with nothing but her acoustic guitar and then supported her at the Queen Elizabeth Hall two days later wearing my new eyelashes and Primarni.
- got drunk at Panic At The Disco and sang along all to ALL the words.
- got to see the incredible Diamanda Galas at the QEH, although I missed the first three songs after I left my favourite cardigan in the restaurant but some horrid person had already stolen it... : (
- drove round Beverly Hills on the back of a bus trying to spot all the bits from Pretty Women.
- stood next to Agyness Deyn on the carpet at the NME Awards in LA, which made me feel like a midget. Queued next to Kelly Osbourne for the toilets who is in fact obscenely teeny-tiny.
- managed to miss a once-in-a-lifetime live Sarah Silverman because of psychotic jet lag
- Truly had the worst jetlag ever and probably went a little bit crazy but made myself feel better by buying up and eating most of Whole Foods gluten free aisle... walnut and chocolate chip cookies are made to be eaten by the packet.
- drove through an ocean of wind turbines in the desert. Was disappointed by Prince at Coachella but blown away by Cut Copy & The Verve and ate lots of sweet & sour popcorn which is the best.
- got a little bit excited about how good Crystal Castles were at The Great Escape even though it felt like my bones were thudding.
- Decided bassoon was the new bass after seeing Valgeir Sigurdsson in a church.
- spent four days in a chocolate box in Paris because they are always on strike. Everywhere.
- started working on covers of the Deftones and a much requested Kylie song... seriously.
- saw how not to play a covers gig by Cat Power at the Shepherds Bush Empire... was distinctly un-moved and very disappointed.
- obsessed about how much Adele's "Hometown Glory" has ripped off Yann Tiersen's Amelie soundtrack
- Listened to Panda Bear "Bros", Panic at the Disco "Pretty. Odd" and Cut Copy''s "In Ghost Colours" about a trillion and three times
- bought jeans with shiny lightning bolts and a my little pony t-shirt. I need nothing else for the studio.
- made £100 worth of long distance phone calls in one drunken muddle
- already spent several days plotting a Smashing Pumpkins style live extravaganza for Bush Hall show on August 7th
- watched all four series of House in under two months of dedicated viewing. Learnt that it's never Lupus

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