Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Davd Gilmour Crisis Show

Last Monday I was invited to open the show for David Gilmour's special collaboration with Amadou & Mariam in aid of CRISIS. Someone had seen the show at the Great Escape in Brighton the previous week and I guess they wanted to facilitate my dream of only playing shows in churches : )

We had a wonderful day getting lost in the labyrinthine back corridors of the Union Chapel where the amazingly helpful production team set up a make-shift rehearsal space for us as we were down a band member and trying to fill in the gaps with Mr. Mackintosh the IV. Also met some lovely people in the queue on our many food runs including one guy who had flown all the way from California to see the show! (to see Mr. Gilmour of course).

Thank you to everyone who's sent messages since the show and bought the EP. I feel most at home playing churches because of how much you get back from the acoustics. We were made to feel really welcome by all of Mr. Gilmour's admirers too and it was truly incredible to watch Amadou and Mariam and their band from the side of the stage- they are some seriously impressive musicians.

You can find out more about the CRISIS and the great work that they do here

Photo taken by @gashead


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