Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Bedroom Sessions: giving away a track a day

The Bedroom Sessions: giving away a track a day
"and I'm tired of writing love songs never heard by anyone..."

<a href="">Missiveh (demo) by Catherine A.D.</a>

If you've heard the previews of some of my new tracks you might have guessed that having access to studio trickery has sent me head first into a love affair with the epic and the multi-layered (I think we racked up 32 backing vocal tracks on my most recently recorded song...)

But it wasn't always so.

For my 18th birthday I asked my parents to buy me a multitrack recorder instead of the driving lessons they suggested I should have (ever the pragmatist... I am now probably doomed to living only in London or New York). So, whilst finishing university I have spent a lot of my time recording primitive demos in noisy flats, trying to screen out the sound of sirens or neighbours arguing, coiling cables around washing racks and using duvets as makeshift vocal booths. I like this process - it forces you to expose the song in the most brutal way possible - you can't hide behind production when all you have are the rawest of materials.

In the past year I've been lucky enough to be able to record in some incredible studios and with some amazing producers but it seems a shame that some of these home-grown tracks I've been recording in my own time haven't yet been heard or have been taken down for fear of 'misrepresenting'. There is nothing that quite compares to the experience of waking at 3am with an idea and trying to sing quietly enough into the mic so as not to wake up your flatmates. These are songs in the key of winter: stripped down to bare branches, raw and seedling-like.

So, it seems the apt season to give away a track a day as part of what I'm calling the Bedroom Sessions series. All these tracks were recorded in my bedroom whilst I was supposed to be finishing my English Literature degree. Some of you might have heard a few of them already if you bought one of the thousand or so limited edition ribbon wrapped EPs I started selling in Rough Trade shops in London (until I gave myself RSI from all the threading...). There's some new/unheard songs amongst them too, so, don't worry, the loyal amongst you have something to look forward to as well : )

The first track is called 'Missiveh' - a neologism I coined thinking about what a god of ill-communication might be called... and writing a parable of the 'submissive heart'. I like to think of it as the story of a women broken down by her existentialist husband and baking.... It was written and recorded on my sister's nylon string Spanish guitar (which I have now permanently 'borrowed') and I added in some twinkly piano afterwards. You can download it here:

and I'll be adding more tracks all week at

The tracks are totally free but towards the end of the week I'll add a tip box if you want to make a contribution to the cause of my continued creative existence : ) If you like the tracks and want to share them please direct people to

Thanks for all your continued support and kind words. I'm playing some support shows with Nerina Pallot in October and then disappearing into the studio for most of the winter. The apocalypse of the music industry pending, there will be an album next year

Stay Beautiful

Catherine xox